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About the Crew

Currently the crew consists of Michael, who has been a long time car enthusiast growing up around drag tracks and performance cars mostly Mustangs and Ford Performance. The other founding member of the crew is Travis who has always had a fascination for the racing and car modification scene and falls more on the Chevy side of the spectrum.

What we are

Short and simple we are people who appreciate all things motorized and fun. Whether that be cars, motorcycles, firearms (modern and historic), and pretty much all things tech and gaming. This group and attached YouTube channel will be a celebration of all things that make life better and worth living.

What we do here

We are all about enjoying life to it's fullest and not letting the 9-5 lifestyle get us down. We are hoping to bring you all along for the ride and are more than happy to include you all in our shenanigans. As we get all of our social media set up please feel free to let us know anything you would like to see on the channel or as we get builds going, any input you have or questions you have as to why we choose certain parts/etc. We look forward to hearing from everyone for opinions and other!

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